less than $40,000
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Education Level
High School Diploma/GED
Skilled Trade Certification
College or Associate Diploma
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Job Overview

This Job will keep an employee busy full time form early in the spring until late in the fall after harvest. I can't guarantee I will be able to keep you busy full time during winter months, however some work will still be available. I prefer to pay on a salary basis to keep the employee on payroll year round, and the salary will compensate for the busy hours during the season and balance out with the very few hours during the winter. I will support any decision with finding a part time job during the winter elsewhere if that is desired. Some details regarding the position:

- Must have experience working on farms

- Must have experience and enjoy operating and working closely with equipment, including general maintenance and preventative work. 

- Must be somewhat mechanically inclined

- This employee will spend a lot of time operating all types of equipment 

- Yard work and building repairs

- General handyman/woman would be an asset

- Agronomy knowledge would be an asset

Depending on time of year, a typical day would consist of reporting to the general manager of the farm to see what is priority. However, the perfect employee would be able to see what projects need to be done in order of importance from a long list of tasks to do created by the general manager. During busy seasons the employee can expect to operate the air drill, sprayer, grain trucks, combine and grain cart. During preparation season the employee can expect to be working a lot in the shop preparing equipment and around the yard keeping the yard in shape, grain inventory management and building and grain bin preparation.

Driving, Operation, Maintenance & Repair (Automotive, HD Equipment &/or Machinery)
General Labourer
Inventory Control & Warehousing
Mechanic & Service Technician (Ag, Automotive, HD, Truck & Transport)

- Vacation pay

- Fuel allotment -- 1 litre per every hour worked

- Job Grant Program - willing to help share the cost of any education or training the employee desires to take

More benefits to offer, but can be discussed later on during the hiring process



I do not offer a full time vehicle, but when working on the farm, there are farm and company trucks the employee can drive instead of their own. However, I expect the employee to get to work on their own. 

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Soli Vivi Farms Inc.
Ceylon, SK