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IntelliFARM Marketing Advisors are motivated individuals with a passion for grain marketing, working with farmers, being their own boss, and being in control of what they earn in a year. If this sounds like something up your alley, keep reading!

Although everything needed to be successful in this business can be taught, it is easier if you have an understanding of grain futures markets and how basis works. Many IntelliFARM Advisors were grain buyers for elevators or crushers prior to becoming Advisors. This experience is very beneficial, but that knowledge can be taught even if you don't have the background. 

You are in control of your salary! That's the awesome part about being in charge of your own book of clients. You control the pace at which you sign up clients, as well as how many farms you want to work with. Want a pay raise? All you have to do is sign up another client! There is no glass ceiling for your income. 

If you love your job and everything attached to it, stay! However, if you are reading this, maybe you are looking for something else. All of us at IntelliFARM genuinely love what we do and the people we get to work with. That doesn't mean every day is a walk in the park, but any job is going to have those days. For us, the benefits and freedoms associated with being an independent Advisor far outweigh the risk of not having a guaranteed salary, not to mention all of us have surpassed what we would have been making in a regular job. If you have drive and ambition, your potential with IntelliFARM is virtually unlimited.

A typical day as an Advisor starts early with checking the overnight markets and reading reports that may have come in from around the world. There is a weekly conference call for all Advisors to discuss general marketing strategies with each other and have input as to what is going on and what they are seeing, then days are typically spent on the phone with clients, prospects, and grain buyers. Talking with clients to discuss farm specific strategies, and talking with buyers to know where basis levels, grade and protein spreads, and general demand is at from all the elevators.

Although every Advisor is running their own business and book of clients, the collective knowledge of the group is advantageous to everyone. You will have a Senior Advisor who is matched up with you to help you get going and learn the ropes, but all Advisors are available to each other if they need help or support. We have a group chat function where Advisors can talk to each other in an open forum, get input on questions, let others know what is going on in your area, and generally keep each other in the loop. Help is never more than a call or text away.

We always like to say with intelliFARM that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. With that in mind, the bulk of our weeks are spent independently as Advisors; however, we have a weekly conference call, a group chat, and Advisors are encouraged to connect with the other Advisors individually as their schedules allow!

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