How Your Farm Can Save Time & Money This Planting Season

How Your Farm Can Save Time & Money This Planting Season

Caleb Cousens

Spring is coming.

That means things are about to ramp up on your farm with planting season right around the corner. It means you have hundreds of things on the go. It means you are looking for good help no matter where you can find it.

Creating job ads, sharing them to job boards and sifting through a bunch of unqualified applicants is not a great use of your time. You probably don’t have a ton of recruiting experience and you have other things that need your attention.

We should know, our two founders are crop farmers that have experienced the excitement (and stress), and full to-do lists that comes with a new year on a farm. That is exactly why they built WorkHorse.

The search for seasonal help on the farm as well as qualified full-time employees is a constant struggle in the industry but WorkHorse aims to make things a little easier for our favourite people, farmers!

White Glove Experience

We are happy to announce that we are ramping our service up a notch to help you do what you do best and that is farming.

When you use WorkHorse you  get access to the platform and the matching technology, making sure your applicants are qualified and have relevant experience. And now our team of HR and recruiting experts are happy to create your business profile, and write/post your job ad for you so that you can focus on your matches and applicants you receive.

If you want to do it all yourself you are still welcome to, but we would be happy to save you the time,make sure your job ad looks great and is optimized to get the best applicants possible. The greatest part about this new service? It’s part of your subscription package. We aren’t charging any more than before.

To make it crystal clear when you get WorkHorse working for you you will receive:

  • Expert advice and assistance in creating your Business profile

  • HR and immigration expertise in crafting the perfect job ads

  • Unlimited job seeker matches to your jobs

  • Unlimited job applicants

  • Access to HR, immigration and marketing support

If you haven’t signed up with WorkHorse yet make sure you visit and pick a subscription that suits your business and we’ll get to work for you.

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