How to Set Yourself Apart in Your Job Hunt

How to Set Yourself Apart in Your Job Hunt: Farm Experience Can Help

Caleb Cousens

The job market is so competitive across nearly every industry. Everyone has a degree at minimum and so the challenge of standing out in a sea of people has never been bigger.

If you are a student it can be even more challenging, you will likely graduate from your degree with similar co-op experience and summer jobs to all of your classmates. How are prospective employers supposed to choose you out of the crowd of lookalikes?

A few years ago, students at Stanford University were chasing after Alaskan king crab fishing jobs for their summer experience. Why? Because the new the experience would go a long way to standing out when they graduated.

The unique experience makes a difference and the skills learned along the way are just as valued by prospective employees as any other job. Experience on a farm (whether that is in aquaculture, crop farming or working with livestock) can have a similar and positive impact on your career.

Work On A Farm This Summer

Farms all over North America are in need of  smart, hardworking people to help their businesses. You can pack your bags when the semester ends and travel across the country or continent to experience a different lifestyle, meet new people and learn a new culture.

The work on a farm is varied, interesting and also challenging. You can learn how to operate trucks and heavy machinery, work outside for much of the day, work alongside animals and in a team of experienced people.

Few summer jobs can give you the sense of accomplishment and purpose as working on a farm. The work you do, day in and day out will contribute to growing food, feeding your community and the world. And you will be doing this with a close-knit team, often eating home cooked meals and playing as hard as you work whether that is water skiing or trips to the city during your time off.

On the farm you will work hard, play hard, learn a lot and set yourself up to stand out. Create your job seeker profile today and find a farm that will help you set your career up for success!

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