For Job Seekers

To create an account and start looking for work, you need to sign up for WorkHorse!

  1. Select the Sign Up link in the main navigation.
  2. You will be asked if you want to “Find a Job” or “Post a Job”. Since you are seeking a job, you will want to select “Find a Job”
  3. You will have 3 options for signing up: Use your Google or Facebook account as log in information so you never have to remember your password, or choose to use your email address with a custom password.

Select a username and password, upload a photo and complete the prompts to update your profile. You will be able to double check your information for accuracy and confirm before it becomes a public part of the WorkHorse database.

Editing a profile is simple after you’ve created an account.

  1. Log In to the WorkHorse hub.
  2. If you are on a desktop computer or tablet, click on the profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. If you are on mobile, click the Menu button at the top of the screen, then navigate to “My Account”.
  3. You can edit information within “Edit Online Resume” and “My Account”. If you have not created a resume yet, you will see “Create Online Resume”.
  4. You will see your current resume with the ability to edit each item.
  5. Simply click “Edit” next to the item you wish to change

Don’t forget to “Save” when finished so that you don’t lose any changes.

Employees can connect with potential employers directly through the WorkHorse hub. Each job posts includes a Send Message box that allows you to connect with a potential employer. The email addresses used by the employee and employer will be used for communications through the WorkHorse online hub. And you will receive a copy of the message to whichever email account you used to set up your WorkHorse profile. Be sure to keep checking your email so you don’t miss out on a message from a potential employer!

Employers will be able to directly message any emoloyee through their online profile. A message from an employer will appear in the email account used to sign up and create your WorkHorse profile. Any email will always have “WorkHorse” in the subject line if it’s from a member of our hub.

Don’t forget to check your email account (and SPAM folders) for emails with “WorkHorse” in the subject line.

Your mobile phone number will never be shared with anyone.

Once you have signed up for an account and an online resume, you will be able to Save Jobs that you would like to keep handy for later. If there is a job you are interested in, simply click on the Save icon. This job can be viewed in your Saved Jobs folder within your WorkHorse account. Look for that on the left hand side of the top navigation.

You snooze you loose! Sort of...If a saved job disappears from your Saved Jobs page, that means the position has been filled, or the employer has closed or deleted the position. Don’t worry, there will be new posts all the time so keep checking back.

Not right now. But as hub grows, we will be able to expand our ability to share information and analytics with our members. An employer who views your profile will have the ability to send you a private message which is one way you can tell who viewed your profile.

No, not right now, but hopefully soon. You will be notified by email if an employer is interested in you for a position. Check your email account (and SPAM folders) for emails with “WorkHorse” in the subject line.

Yes. Changing the status of your profile is just one of the fields you can change on your profile. If you no longer want your profile to be viewed by the public, after you log in, go to “My Account” and change your profile status to “Anonymous”.

Yes! WorkHorse is a great way to connect with other workers from communities around the world. Your profile or online resume will be viewable to the public after you complete your profile.

If you no longer want your profile to be viewed by the public, go to “My Account” and change your profile status to “Anonymous”. If you apply for a job with the Anonymous status, make sure you remember that employers will be given a private link to where only they can view your profile or online resume.

However, in making your profile anonymous, you will not be included in employers search results and your profile will only be seen when you apply for a job.

Jobs in WorkHorse are varied and include everything from entry level positions such as general farm labourer to intermediate level positions like an equipment operator or animal care technician, all the way up to specialized roles such as finance manager or breeding technician.

WorkHorse is FREE for employees! All it takes is 4 simple short steps to set up a profile and open up career opportunities for you in WorkHorse.

That’s okay, agriculture has a wide range of jobs and not all of them are in the field. For best results, choose the Agribusiness or Government/Non-Profit sectors when searching in WorkHorse.

Many skill sets are transferrable to agriculture so if you’re looking to change industries chances are a position in agriculture exists for you. If you have experience working in a team environment, are a hard worker and have critical thinking skills you’re right for agriculture. When searching in WorkHorse select the skill level that matches where you are at in your career.

An engaging profile is important to capture an employer’s attention.  Use action words and highlight your accomplishments and focus on your skills that would transferrable to a wide range of positions.

Keep it short (under 500 words), spell check and include photos or videos – WorkHorse lets you post these along with your profile.

To reach a WorkHorse Team member, use one of the following options:

1. Talk to us via our Intercom chat. You will see the little yellow chat bubble on the bottom right corner of the website, click here to send us a message. We are online during regular business hours from 9am-5pm MT.

2. Send us an e-mail at and we will ensure the right team member gets in touch with you as quickly as possible.