Work & Travel in Canada

Work & Travel In Canada

Caleb Cousens

It’s the dream.

We all love travelling to a foreign land, experiencing the culture, people, and food. But travel is expensive which means we don’t travel as much as we want, and our trips are shorter than we’d like.

But there is a solution to both of those problems and tens of thousands of people work and travel. This means getting a job while you are away and financing your travels and awesome adventures while experiencing the land you are in in a much more intimate way.

Maybe the most common example of this is skiers and snowboarders who come from all over the world to the famous ski resorts in Whistler and Banff. They wait tables, work in hotels and retail in order to enable them to stay and enjoy the slopes in the winter months.

You can also do this in the food and agriculture industry. There are countless jobs, some seasonal some part-time that would allow you to experience Canada in a way few people do while travelling through one of the most beautiful countries on earth.


Setting the Record Straight About Ag Jobs

There are so many stereotypes and misconceptions about agriculture, some of them earned but outdated and others just downright incorrect.

This blog is where we hope to set the record straight, one stereotype at a time. And two things that we hear way too often about jobs in agriculture is that jobs are poor paying when there even is a salary and you are working hard, long hours from dawn till dusk.

Don’t get our founders started on this topic! They are on a crusade to turn this perception around. Jobs in agriculture do not only pay very competitively with other jobs (including in many cases benefits) but many jobs offer perks that you can’t find anywhere else including home-cooked meals, paid vehicles, accommodation and more.

And of course there is hard-work involved, like in any job. But how many careers allow you to work in nature, in many cases with animals and with teams of people who work hard and play hard together, from water skiing in the summers to snowmobiling in the winters and everything in-between.


Starting Your Canadian Adventure

It doesn’t matter if you are more into cities or nature, coastline or the great plains, mountains or lakes, Canada has it all to offer and there are agriculture jobs in every local as well. If you are a mechanic, or salesperson, office administrator or manager, truck driver, farm labourer, vet or accountant, agriculture can help you have the adventure of a lifetime.

Agriculture is not just a job or career; it is a lifestyle that you can experience on your travels in Canada. Whether its time at a cattle ranch experiencing what it’s like to be a cowboy or learning the art of winemaking at one of Canada’s world famous wineries you can have unique, once in a lifetime experiences while travelling in Canada, and who knows maybe you will find a career along the way.

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