Why Hiring Foreign Workers for Your Business is Easier Than You Think

Why Hiring Foreign Workers for Your Business is Easier Than You Think

Aleksandra Koscielak

Since agriculture is your passion you probably don't spend your spare time pouring over Canadian Immigration Law textbooks and literature. And we don’t blame you! We are here to make life easier for you, we have immigration law experts on the team so you don’t have to. However, with the current labour market conditions in Canadian agriculture, it’s often necessary to consider hiring foreign workers.

International Experience Canada (IEC) is one of the programs which allows you to hire talent from overseas without the long and costly LMIA application process. The IEC Program fact sheet below can give you some hope that hiring foreign workers isn’t as scary as you think it is:


  1. International Experience Canada allows you to hire foreign nationals without the need for a LMIA application.

  2. There are between one and three categories of applications available for each country (and four categories for French citizens).

  3. Open work permits which are issued based on the job seeker’s successful IEC  application allow the permit-holder to be employed with an eligible employer of their choosing.

  4. The IEC program is reciprocal - which means citizens of participating countries can work and travel in Canada while Canadians can work and travel in the participating countries.

  5. IEC is only available to  people between 18-35 years old.

  6. The length of the program varies from 6 to 24 months depending on the country agreement.

  7. Quota caps of how many applicants are accepted vary from country to country.

  8. The list of participating countries together with the length of programs can be found at Moving2Canada.com.

  9. In the most cases hired foreign nationals in the skilled trade NOC B (for example applicable for mechanics) will be able to apply for the Canadian Permanent Resident Status after 6 or 12 months (depends on the province), which means no more LMIA/Work Permit applications.

  10. The spouse of the foreign skilled worker (NOC B) is eligible to apply for an open work permit.

Hiring a foreigner who is an Open Work Permit holder under IEC is as easy as one, two, three. We, at www.workhorsehub.ca, have identified this opportunity and this is the reason why we recruit global talents to address your labour shortage.

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