How To Cut Your Hiring Process In Half

From 12 Weeks to 5: How To Cut Your Hiring Process In Half

Katie Dutchak

Your agribusiness is constantly growing, changing, and adapting. Keeping up with the changes to your operations labour needs can be stressful and time-consuming.  Having the right labour force in place can make a world of difference to the success of your business. At WorkHorse, whether it's a short-term seasonal contract or a permanent full-time employee you’re looking for we’ve got you covered.

Typically, hiring the right candidate can be an overwhelming process. The traditional hiring process includes posting on multiple websites, filtering the hundreds of resumes that come in (most of which are unqualified applicants or unsuitable matches). Next comes the necessary interviewing, final reviews, and onboarding the new employee. This outdated hiring process takes an average of 90 days. That’s three months you could have focused your efforts on other areas of your business.

Hiring Process

What if you could get that done, with half the work and in half the time? With WorkHorse you can cut out the unnecessary need to post on multiple sites to reach as many job seekers as possible. It eliminates the hundreds of applications you have to pay someone to sort through. WorkHorse brings you the top candidates that match your job criteria - immediately. WorkHorse allows you to accomplish 7 hiring steps in 5 weeks or less. Let’s break it down:

Week 1:

  • Post your job. Describe what it is you're looking for (check out our mad lib blog to help you write the best job ad!) Include any information that will be enticing to job seekers.

  • Review your immediate matches and begin prescreening.

Wait, wait, wait. You post your ad and immediately are shown the candidates that match the job criteria?

You bet your bottom it does!

WorkHorse uses a matching algorithm that connects any job seekers in the database to those needs that you’ve stated in your job description. Save the trees, the emails, the time of perusing through hundreds of useless resumes. This platform allows you to view and save candidates that already have the skills and experience and are what you’re looking for.

Look at that, you’re headed into week two already pre-screening applicants with ease.

Week 2:

  • Continue pre-screening to determine the candidate’s salary expectations, motive, housing needs and more.

  • Begin scheduling and conducting interviews and facility tours, whether in person or virtually.

Week 3:

  • Complete any remaining interviews and tours.

  • Contact any and all references as needed.

Week 4:

  • Make those final reference calls.

  • Make the offer!

Yes, that is what it looks like. A candidate hired 3 weeks after you posted your job. In fact, if you’re fast acting this process could be completed in under one week, honestly – we’ve seen it happen!

Week 5 / Start Date

  • Orientation of your successful candidate. Coordinate training for position, introduce the team, familiarize with the site and equipment, etc.


Hiring a new employee doesn’t have to be stressful. It doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process that employers often procrastinate on because of the inefficient process. WorkHorse replaces the old-fashioned process with a sophisticated, user-friendly, and highly successful way of finding ideal candidates for your needs.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to find your next employee with WorkHorse, join the movement!

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